Tesla Model Y with RWD now available IN EUROPE

The Tesla Model Y is an all-electric family SUV that offers extra space and practicality over its Model 3 sibling.

The American electric car manufacturer, Tesla, is the clear leader in the global electric car market. Its performance in North America and the United States is generally good. The European market’s performance is less than its US sales. Seeking Alpha released statistics earlier this month that showed that Tesla’s European sales dropped by half in the second quarter. The report also shows that Tesla’s market share decreased by more than 50% month over month. In Europe, Tesla launched a new Model version that is cheaper. According to electrek reports, the Tesla Model Y rear-wheel drive version of the vehicle is now available in several European countries.

The WLTP range for the Tesla Model Y, which was officially introduced in March 2017, is 455 kilometers. The European Tesla Model Y long-range model has a range of 533 km. The rear-wheel-drive Model Y is capable of achieving a maximum speed of 217 km/h. This car can accelerate in 6.9 seconds between 0 and 100 km/h. The Tesla Model Y will not be available for purchase until the end of 2020. According to the official website of Tesla, the car will be delivered in December 2022 or February 2023. Potential buyers of the electric car will need to wait four to six more months before they can get their car.


The rear-wheel-drive Model Y is priced at 50,000 Euros in the Netherlands. The long-range model is 16,000 euros less expensive. The VAT is approximately 8850 euros, which is part of the price of 50,000 Euros. At the moment, the exchange rate between the dollar and euro is approximately the same. The car will cost approximately $20,000 less if it is sold in the United States than the Model Y. The rear-wheel-drive Model Y in some European markets is cheaper than the standard Model 3.

The Model Y was first delivered to customers by Tesla’s Berlin facility in March. Tesla didn’t specify whether the Model Y rear-wheel-drive version was made in Germany or imported from Shanghai. However, it is most likely to be the former. The Model Y rear-wheel-drive version of Tesla China was delivered in 4-8 weeks according to the official website. This is a decrease in time relative to previous deliveries of 8-12 weeks. It may also be comparable to Tesla Shanghai. This is the connection between July’s factory production line transformation.


BYD supplies the blade battery for the new Tesla Model Y. These batteries are in good supply at Tesla’s Berlin super-factory. The factory produces the Tesla Model Y mainly so it will likely carry BYD. The Tesla Model Y will be available with the blade battery as soon as possible. We know this model is available for purchase.

The model is available for pre-order but neither company has confirmed their cooperation. We will need to wait until the first batch of the model arrives on the market before we can confirm our cooperation. teslamag.de reported on August 11 that the German-made Tesla Model Y would be fitted with BYD blades. We are unable to confirm if the pre-ordered models are German-made. According to teslamag.de on July 1, 2022, the Tesla Model Y equipped with BYD blade batteries passed the EU’s type certification. This was issued by the Dutch RDW, Dutch Ministry of Transport. According to the certification documents, the Model 005 (also known as the Model 005) has a 55 kWh BYD battery and a range that is 440 kilometers.

teslamag.de claims that the new Model Y is a step forward in some ways. Tesla currently sells only the long-range and performance Model Y versions in Europe. The BYD Blade battery is technically interesting, however, as it’s a “structural bundle” that has been approved by the EU.


This type of battery pack was designed by Tesla to be installed on the Model Y in Germany. The chassis and the battery are combined into one to form the vehicle’s load-bearing framework, which is the 4680 latest battery pack. Tesla chose to use the Chinese 2170 battery due to delays in production. The BYD blade batteries will be used in Europe by the Tesla Model Y. There are a few advantages to the blade battery. This battery reduces car weight from 2,153 kilograms to 2,087 kgs. It also reduces energy consumption by 155 watts per kilometer.

The rear-wheel-drive Tesla Y has a smaller battery and CATL is its supplier. It has a 60 kWh battery and a 455 km driving range. This model is currently pre-sold.

BYD has created the blade battery, a new type of lithium iron phosphate battery. The blade battery is safer than the ternary lithium batteries and has a longer cycle life, low cost, and high safety. The vehicle’s overall battery life is greatly improved by the blade battery’s increased energy density of 180wh/kg and its volume increase of nearly 50% over the BYD predecessor.

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