The Hidden Gems of Dental Health: Exploring Enamel Pearls and Tooth Calcification

## Introduction to dental health and the importance of enamel PearlsDental health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being. It not only affects our...

A study finds Vitamin D supplements may reduce chronic inflammation

A new study shows a link between low vitamin D levels and inflammation. Researchers discovered that vitamin D supplementation could help reduce inflammation in...

Diet & Nutrition

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Beauty & Cosmetics

Caffeine in Skin Care: Is it Effective?

Caffeine has become a prominent ingredient in many skin care products. It can be used as a face mask, under-eye and anti-cellulite serums, and...

CBD Oil has 7 Beauty Benefits You Didn’t Know About

CBD Oil has seen a rise in popularity in other areas than the medical field. Cannabinoids' ability to fight pain, and anxiety, lower the incidence...

How to Reduce Wrinkles by Changing Your Lifestyle

Wrinkles, also known as rhytides, are folds in your skin.  Your skin's production of collagen and elastin decreases as you age. Your skin becomes thinner...
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How to Be Happy: 31 Habits that will make you happy

Psychologists have found that happiness and health can be linked to simple habits.Behavioral scientists spend a lot of time studying what makes us happy...