How to focus and concentrate better

These are some useful tips to improve your mental focus.

Clyde Beatty, a lion tamer, learned a lesson over a century ago that profoundly impacts your daily life.

Was that a lesson?

Continue reading to learn what a lion-tamer can teach about focusing, concentrating better, and living a healthier lifestyle.

The Lion Tamer Who Survived

Clyde Beatty was a 1903 Ohio native. As a teenager, Clyde Beatty left his home to join the circus. He landed a job cleaning cages. Beatty rose quickly from a cage boy to a well-known entertainer over the next few years.

Beatty is best known for his “fighting act,” in which he would fight wild animals. One segment of Beatty’s act featured lions and tigers being brought into the circus ring by Beatty. He then tamed the whole group.

Here’s the best feat:

Beatty lived to his 60s in an era where most lion tamers were killed in the ring. It was not cancer that claimed his life, but a lion.

How did he survive? It was a simple idea.

Clyde Beatty was the first lion tamer to introduce a chair into the circus.

Here’s what happened…

The Chair and the Whip

A classic image of a lion-tamer is that of an entertainer with a whip and a seat. Although the whip is the focal point of attention, it is mainly used for entertainment. It’s the chair that does the crucial work.

A lion tamer places a chair in front of a lion. The lion attempts to concentrate on the four legs of the chair simultaneously. The lion is confused as it has its attention divided and is unsure what to do next. The lion decides to wait and freeze rather than attack the man who holds the chair when faced with so many choices.

Avoid the Fate of The Lion

How often are you in the same place as the lion?

What is the most common goal you set out to accomplish (e.g., How often do you set your sights on something (e.g., losing weight, building muscle, starting a business, traveling more) only to be overwhelmed by the choices and not make any progress?

This is especially true for health, medicine, and fitness. Every person or company seems to think it is their responsibility to make things more complicated. Each workout program you discover is the best. Each diet expert will tell you that their plan is the best.

This frustrates me greatly because, while experts debate which option is best for them, people trying to improve their lives (you or me) are left frustrated with all the contradicting information.

We feel that we aren’t able to focus on what’s important or that we’re focusing on the wrong things. As a result, we take less action and make less progress.

It’s high time that this was changed. Here’s how…

How to focus and concentrate better

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If you see the whole world waving a chair at you, keep in mind this: you only need to commit to one thing.

You don’t have to be successful in the beginning. You only need to start. One of the habits that makes successful people is to start before you feel ready.

Focusing better requires the ability to get started quickly and to commit to the task. Most people have no trouble focusing. They struggle with decision-making.

Did you ever have an essential job? What did you do? It was done. You may have procrastinated, but it was done once you decided to do it.

This means that making progress in your life, work and health are not about learning to concentrate and focus better. It’s about learning to select and commit to a task.

Focusing is possible. You have to decide what direction you want to direct your attention towards.

Are you looking to lose 40 pounds? Awesome. Eat real food (anything not in a box or a package is an excellent place to start) and Exercise more. There is no need to know more. It doesn’t matter if you know how to concentrate on the right things. It is enough to focus on the basics. You will have plenty of time later to work out the details if you build good habits.

Do you want to be an elite athlete? Stop dreaming and live like one. Sleep more often. Your training should be the focus of your day. You must make other commitments if you are going to train. It doesn’t matter if it isn’t essential to you. Instead, stop looking at other distractions and commit to them.

Do you want to start your own business? You’ll feel uncomfortable. Entrepreneurs are always uncertain. It doesn’t take much time to learn new strategies or improve your focus. It’s enough to be committed to making it happen. You can take the first step and trust that you will figure out the second step.

All of us can concentrate and focus, but only if it is something that is important to our lives and what we are willing to do. There is no wrong choice.

Stop gazing at the chair.

Your life is not a rehearsal. You are already in the ring, regardless of whether you realize it. All of us are. We all are. Most of the time, we just sit and gaze at the chair in front.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Decide if you know where you want, what you want to do, and who you like. The rest of the world can either help you get there, or it will make it difficult. Both are helpful.

It doesn’t mean you have to do everything at once. But there is that needs to be done now. You are called to something important, something you care about, something you are destined to do. It’s not something I know, but it’s yours. Move the chair away from the way, and you can choose it.

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